DynamoDB tutorial

DynamoDB tutorial | AWS managed database

Welcome to the DynamoDB tutorial. This tutorial we will be learning about DynamoDB from beginning to advance. This covers everything you need to know about DynamoDB including best practices. You can navigate through the tutorial using the navigation section.

DynamoDB is a document-based database designed for highly flexible and scalable applications. DynamoDB is mostly famous for its high scalability without the effort to manage the servers. It is completely AWS managed. It is used in serverless infrastructures because of its on-demand scaling ability.

Some of the things included in the DynamoDB tutorial:

  • What is Dynamodb – Introduction
  • Setup DynamoDB
  • Creating Tables
  • Read/Write data in the table
  • Indexes
  • Backups
  • Monitoring
  • IaC with CloudFormation
  • Best practices
  • and many more …


  • knowledge of basics of AWS
  • AWS console

We will be using Golang for the demonstration of examples that need programming.

We will start this tutorial from the basic introduction. We will gradually move to create tables, adding, updating items in the table. We will cover about indexes, and to final best practices. Let us start from the introduction to DynamoDB.